Helping Out the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch

We recently gave out over $450,000 worth of toys and necessities to a list of over 20 facilities from all over the Tampa Bay Area. Yesterday morning, representatives from the different facilities and organizations came over here to pick up their two pallets of toys each. One of the facilities was the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch in Safety Harbor.

The mission of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch is to “prevent delinquency and develop strong, lawful, resilient, and productive citizens who will make a positive contribution to our communities for years to come.” In other words, the Youth Ranch is a place for at-risk children to stay where they can learn important life skills to help them cope with the situations they are faced with.

My contact there was Thomas Combs and, after his representatives came and picked up our gift bank of toys, he called me as soon as the truck made it to their facility. He said that he rushed over to look for himself because he was so curious as to what we sent. He said that when he walked in, he was absolutely wowed by the sheer amount and quality of the products that we had given him. The one thing that really caught his eye was a giant stuffed panda.
He went on to tell me that the other day, they opened up a ‘sibling cottage’ for families to come and stay together and one of their youngest children that will be arriving is 4 and the giant panda would be a great ‘welcome’ gift. Thomas said that he was so happy and grateful for what we had given them that he just wanted to call us right away and thank us personally.

I was overjoyed when I heard his thanks. I felt so good. It made me happy and proud that we were able to help them out.

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