Sharing a Heroic Story

It’s the holiday season and there’s nothing better than sharing a good story with friends. In this case, the story I wish to share is a story of heroism told to me by the parent of one of our brave Hero kids. The story actually came through on our website and I am so glad it did. Sit back and be amazed by Taylor’s courageous story:

Taylor was admitted to the PICU a day before her 6th birthday. She had fluid in her lungs, abdomen, and heart. It took 12 days to figure out what exactly was going on, but we eventually were given the diagnosis: Coxsackie Type B Virus. Taylor’s lungs had to be tapped twice to release the fluid. She had to undergo many tests that were painful for a six-year-old, not to mention an adult. Taylor remained in the PICU for 24 days; her spirit never diminished. She is on the road to a hopeful full recovery, but the process is slow. Taylor suffers from periomyocarditis, and is hopeful it will all go away. She recieved Hero of the Month in December from Hurley in Flint, Michigan, and she was so excited! We can’t thank the Kids Wish Network enough for what they have done!

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