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Just received this really great news:

A little girl with a life-threatening lung condition has her wish to meet the cast and crew of the TV show NCIS granted by national children’s charity Kids Wish Network and gracious sponsors.

Kasey is only 11 years old and she has already overcome more obstacles in her life than most adults. You see, Kasey was born with a condition called cystic fibrosis.

This condition clogs her lungs, pancreas and air passages with thick mucus, often causing severe lung damage. Every day, Kasey endures about two hours of special treatments to help her breathe. She is in and out of the hospital frequently, follows a strict daily medication regimen and has had to take pancreatic enzymes. Kasey has also undergone several nasal surgeries and struggles with chronic sinus infections.

Kasey was given the chance to wish for anything she wanted through national children’s charity Kids Wish Network. They recently granted a wish for her older brother, Jacob, who met the Seattle Seahawks football team. When a Kids Wish Network wish coordinator asked Kasey what her fondest dream was, she replied that she wanted to meet the cast of her favorite TV show, NCIS.

Through the generosity of some wonderful local sponsors as well as sponsors in California, Kasey, her parents and her older brother were given a fantastical wish trip to Hollywood that included dinners every evening; accommodations at the famous Renaissance Hollywood hotel; trips to Universal Studios, the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Guinness World of Records Museum; and, of course, a day on the set of CBS’ hit show, NCIS.

“The wish was really amazing,” said Kasey’s mother, Lisa. “It was an experience of a lifetime.”

When they first arrived in Hollywood, Kasey and her family visited the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Guinness World of Records Museum. At the Wax Museum, their tour guide took a special interest in Kasey and, having heard of her affinity for collecting quarters, presented Kasey with a special foreign coin.

Although the first day was fun, the family’s second day in Hollywood was the best of all; it was the day they visited the set of NCIS.

After a ride from their hotel to the CBS studios in a limousine, Kasey and her family were treated to a special in-depth tour of the different sets and backlots and they watched the cast film plenty of scenes for an upcoming episode of NCIS. Of course, what excited Kasey the most was meeting the actors who play her favorite characters. On set that day were Mark Harmon, Mike Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Sarah Jane Morris and David McCallum’s double, Fred L. Tate.

Each and every star treated Kasey like she was a part of the cast. She was given special tours by Mark Harmon and Mike Weatherly of their onscreen desks and Mike Weatherly even put a gift given to him by Kasey into the drawer so that she could see it in the show later on. Fred Tate presented Kasey with a book of his short stories that he signed just to her and Kasey was also given tons of signed photographs, all sorts of NCIS gear and even a very special NCIS golf shirt.

According to Lisa, “Kasey was just glowing! She was over the moon! Everyone, from the cast to the crew members, made her feel like she was a part of the team. They made her feel so special that it was hard for her to leave the set! It was amazing!”

After such an exciting day, the rest of the trip was just icing on the cake for Kasey. She loved every minute she spent at Universal Studios Hollywood the next day and had a blast eating special s’mores at the Saddle Ranch Chop House later that evening.

When it was time to leave and head home to Washington , even Lisa admits that it was difficult.

“We’re a little sad that it’s over, but it’s neat to watch NCIS at home and remember our day there on the set. It was an amazing experience and we are so grateful for everything that was done for us. This is something that Kasey will never forget. Thank you so very much.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make Lindsey’s wish extra special: The cast and crew of NCIS; Bob Baga; Woodmen of the World Lodge 84; Woodmen of the World Lodge 35; Renaissance Hollywood; Midway Car Rental; Universal Studios Hollywood; Saddle Ranch Chop House; The Grill on Hollywood; and Hollywood Wax Museum.

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