I Love my Nintendo 3DS!

Name: Jacob
Age: 7
State: TN

Wish Kid

In March of 2010, young Jacob was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. His family noticed that he was showing signs of abdominal pain and would remain hungry. After having blood work and stool testing done, it seemed as though nothing was wrong. A second doctor did another set of tests which showed that Jacob had diabetes, so they adjusted his diet. But then, at his grandmother’s persistence, Jacob was sent to a gastrointestinal doctor, and finally to a cystic fibrosis team who provided the family with the concluding diagnosis. At just 7-years-old, Jacob must rely on an inhaler, saline mist, percussion vests, and several medications.

For his wish, Jacob got a brand new Nintendo 3DS! He can’t stop playing it and even gets his homework done as soon as he gets home, just to hop back on his 3DS before bed!

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