I have to tell you guys about one of my favorite new products that we received for the children. They are large plush toys called Squishables and they are just adorable! Matter of fact, as they were shown around the office you could hear the collective “Awwww” from 20 feet away. Yes, they really are that cute and soft!

Remember when you were little and had to go to the doctor or dentist? Do you also remember how holding a soft plush toy made it seem not quite so scary? Well, these jumbo-sized, plump and adorable plush pals are going to do just that for many of the children we serve. They are guaranteed to squash a boatload of fears and to create a lot of smiles with their chubby, squishy selves.

The nice folks over at Squishables sent us a whole bunch of these adorable critters and we can’t thank them enough for their generosity. Seeing how many grownups in this office alone were soothed at the sight of their Squishables, just think what they will do for a child in need. So from all of us here at Kids Wish: thanks, Squishables!

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