Lerner Publishing Group Brings the Magic of Books to Kids Nationwide

I don’t need to tell you that books are important, but have you ever stopped to ponder why they’re important? Books expand our vocabulary and show us new ways of using existing words we already know. They’re entertaining and stimulate our imaginations. Not only do they improve our attention span, raise our spirits and open our minds, but they also educate and inspire us to become better writers, better thinkers, and better people all around. The number of ways we can count how great books are is as infinite as the number of books that are out there.

Yet, despite the number of books that are out there, a large percentage of children from low income families cannot proficiently read. Reason being, many don’t have easy access to books especially as state budgets tighten, causing reduced library hours and even branch closings. In addition, low income families are more distracted by hunger, housing insecurities, and family mobility, which forces them to put reading to their children on the back-burner. It’s an unfortunate truth that we here at Kids Wish Network are desperately eager to help.

Fortunately, a wonderful publishing company known as Lerner Publishing Group understands our desperation and has joined Kids Wish Network on our quest to bring the joy of books to the children who need it most by sending us an amazing donation of fabulous books of all sorts! These will be perfect for our kids aged 9-18 and they will be distributed through our Gift Banks as well as Kids Wish Network on Tour.

We are so excited to have the chance to send these amazing novels to kids and teens nationwide and we just couldn’t have done it without the assistance and understanding of our newest Guardian Angel donor, Lerner Publishing Group.

If you would like to learn more about this generous, Guardian Angel, you can visit them at https://www.lernerbooks.com. Thanks again, Lerner Publishing Group, for your outstanding generosity.

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