5 Years at Kids Wish

I have been here for 5 years in the distribution department. Like all companies, this time has not been without a good amount of growing pains. On the other hand, at times working here is the best! I’ve got stories about both sides, but for now I’ll tell you some of the good stuff, you know, short and sweet.

One of the better recent stories is that my warehouse boss got a letter from a two star General of the Army company we help. The letter said thanks for a job well done on a toy drive that the Army hosted last Christmas. Now I can remember in my days as a vet that would never happen! I’m glad that it’s happening now.

Anyway, moving on, I have to say that this company has never failed to keep the focus on helping the kids. They’ve even gotten bigger in these hard times. At the end of each year we even try our best to help out the local charities with their needs, when in the past years I’ve seen so many other businesses or charities go out of business. In turn, this means kids with less get even less, so it’s good we’re still here to help them.

Well, to end this on a high note, let me tell you about something that happened a few years back.

In one of the early years I was hard at work getting the toys out. Well, at the time we had these ugly (and I do mean ugly) plush toys that came in with a donation. It was a simple plain, gray turtle toy, but it had a human face to it! We packed these into a gift bank and they went out to some of the many hospitals we help. In time, we ran out of them and didn’t think twice about it. A few months go by and the head of the department got a letter from a nurse saying that one of her patients got one of these turtles and just fell head over heels in love with it; it became his best friend for life. The nurse said the turtle would make the little boy’s day during his treatments and it would never leave his side. She went on to say that one day he lost it and that was the reason why she wrote to us – to see if he had one to replace the lost one because the little boy was lost without it!

So we looked and we found the very last one of those gray turtles and mailed it out to the hospital. Well, a few weeks later, that same nurse wrote back and said that the little boy continued being depressed until she handed him his replacement turtle; when he saw that terribly ugly stuffed turtle, he shot right back to his happy-go-lucky self! That was the last I heard, but that story sums up in a nutshell what I work to do in the long run: giving happiness to sick kids.

OK! This is my one blog; I am going back to work now!

Distribution Dept.


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