“Zylie the Bear” Comes to Kids Wish

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon when a big brown box marked Arete, LLC arrived in our office.  As we do with all of the packages that come in, we excitedly gathered around it and impatiently waited to see what was inside.  The guys from the warehouse pulled out their box cutters and tore away the tape.  Inside were 6 more white boxes that were each professionally packaged and labeled in big orange and blue letters with the words “Zylie the Bear.” I’m sure the excitement in our distribution department could be heard clearly across the office because we’ve been expecting this package, knowing this one was going to be special.  Inside these specially marked boxes were adorable plush bears, half of them were “Zylie the Bear” herself, and the other half were her travel companion and friend, “Shen the Panda.”

Zylie and her friend, Shen

Zylie and Shen are not your average teddy bears with their high end fashion taste and their poseable limbs; they’re more like dolls, only more cuddly.  The 3 Zylies arrived in her “signature flounce top, skinny jeans and white coat and accessorized with an orange tote, map, diary and even a passport!”  Shen, clearly the coolest panda in town, arrived dressed up in his “signature leather jacket, khakis and green tee-shirt along with a backpack, passport and all-important drum sticks.” 

This is a fine example of why we tell our prospective donors that no donation is too small or too large.  These amazing bears will be going out to lift the spirits of wish kids who are battling life-threatening conditions.  I feel confident that if these packages were to arrive on some quiet afternoon addressed to special wish kids, the sounds of excitement will fill the households of these children as it did our office.

Zylie and Shan are great additions to our special showroom where wish coordinators go to pack gift boxes for the wish kids, and we are very thankful to the wonderful people behind “Zylie the Bear” for their awesome donation. Make sure to check out their website at http://www.zyliethebear.com to learn more about Zylie and Shen. Oh, and if you’re interested in making a donation yourself, make sure to visit our Ways to Help page to learn more about donating toys to Kids Wish Network.

Distribution Department

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