“Zookeeper” is Coming Out!

I don’t know if you’re big on summer movies, but I know there are at least three movies I’m really looking forward to seeing on the big screen this summer including “Zookeeper” with Kevin James, Ken Jeong and Rosario Dawson. Oh, and you can’t forget that Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone and even Cher are doing the voices of the talking animals! I’m so excited!

Not only is “Zookeeper” going to be a fun family movie with lots of laughs, but it’s also quite special to us at Kids Wish Network because one of our Wish Kids is in it! Back when they were filming “Zookeeper,” a little girl named Hannah asked us if she could be a movie star for her wish and, sure enough, we granted it with the help of Happy Madison Productions and the cast and crew of “Zookeeper.”

Kevin James and Ken Jeong Zookeeper wish

Hannah was able to hang out on the movie set with actors Kevin James and Ken Jeong and had a blast playing with director Frank Coraci. She gave them presents from her hometown and they signed autographs and took pictures with her, all while laughing and joking around, of course. It was great fun for everyone and, when it came time for the director to call “Action,” Hannah was more than ready, having already had her makeup done and her hair styled.

When I talked to Hannah on the phone for the press release, she said that, in the movie, she has her long brown hair in pigtails, is wearing a blue zoo t-shirt and is holding a stuffed giraffe. Hannah played the part of a girl in a group of kids visiting the zoo in a scene with Kevin James and Ken Jeong. I know that when I go see “Zookeeper” after its release on July 8, I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for a glimpse of Hannah, and you should too! Can’t wait to see you on the big screen, Hannah! How exciting!

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