Unsung Heroes

Mostly when I blog here it usually has to do with all the wonderful merchandise, toys, clothes and games that we receive. I just can’t resist telling you all about the amazing items that get donated for our kids by some very generous companies.

This time though, I wanted to shine some light on one of the “unsung heroes” for our kids. By that I mean a company who donates something critical to continuing our mission that isn’t the latest toy or clothing item for kids. The “unsung hero” that I’m talking about is Melco, a local packaging supply company based out of Clearwater, FL. Melco has been providing us boxes, pallet wrap and other packing supplies to us for many years now. Most recently, the super kind folks over at Melco donated 3 pallets worth of boxes! They are always thinking of us and our kids and actually call us to offer to donate what they have. Isn’t that just amazing?

Now you may think, “what do packing supplies have to do with helping children?” I can see your logic, but let me explain. The supplies they send us are critical to our ability to get the toys and other merchandise shipped out to the children all across the United States. We use these boxes to ship our gift bags for our Kids Wish Network on Tour events, Holiday of Hope, and even surprise gift boxes for our Wish Kids! Without their generosity, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to get the fantastic merchandise we receive out to the children who need it most.

So, even though most kids would tell you that an empty box isn’t much of a gift, in this case it really is. It is a gift that enables us to create many smiles all across the U.S. every day. Thanks, Melco, for all the gifts you have given us and the children we are so honored to serve.

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