I Met the Cast of “iCarly!”

Name: Alyssa
Age: 9
State: CA

Wish Kid Alyssa

Alyssa’s doctors initially thought she only had a heart murmur and sent her home, but at 3-months-old, she got sick and turned blue and finally diagnosed her with tetralogy of fallot. This is a life-threatening heart defect that changes the flow of blood through her heart. In addition, Alyssa’s pulmonary artery is completely closed off, she has a hole in her heart and she has narrow arteries to her lungs, which deprives her of oxygen, causing her to turn blue. Unfortunately, her doctors determined that her arteries were too small for surgery, but they worked around that and created a brand new surgery that had never been performed by taking the lining of her heart and patching her arteries with it. Every year, Alyssa must have a heart catherization procedure to view the hole in her heart. She also has an extremely serious open heart surgery scheduled very soon to close this same hole in her heart.

Alyssa had a blast meeting the cast of “iCarly” on the set. She enjoyed a tour of the set and even got to present the cast members with handmade gifts! What a wish!

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