Memorial Day to Remember

Wait. Is “Memorial Day to Remember” redundant? Hmmm…a memorial day is a day to remember, but that day can BE a day to be remembered on its own, so…it’s good.

Regardless, this day is certainly one to remember, whether it’s Memorial Day or not. Not only because it’s the start of a three day weekend, but also because of all the great goings-on here at Kids Wish Network! Let’s see if I can’t elaborate a little more for you:

~ We had our pot luck luncheon today and, boy, was it a success! There were sandwiches to be made, salads of all kinds to be eaten and dessert to fill us to the bursting point. It’s such a great feeling to be a part of such a generous (and talented) group of people like the amazing folks here at Kids Wish. I know they’re great at the jobs they do here, but they’re even awesome just getting together for something nice and informal like a pot luck luncheon. What fun! I love working with all of these great people. 🙂

~ We’re gearing up for the first Kids Wish Network On Tour event for 2011 in Yazoo City, Mississippi. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to bring “miles of smiles” to the children and families living there who are dealing with the awful aftereffects of the tornadoes and floods that have devastated the area. We’re also going to be bringing toys and gifts for the children in that area who are dealing with other overwhelming circumstances such as abuse, homelessness and neglect. Our Distribution Department is eagerly beginning to pack gift bags for the kids and our On Tour department is steadily securing arrangements for the big day. It’s so exciting and it’s just around the corner!

~ The wishes just keep getting granted, thanks to the awesome sponsors and donors. In fact, I just talked to a wish mom on the phone in order to prepare a press release and she just couldn’t say enough about how her little boy, Jarvis, LOVED his shopping spree wish! My favorite quote from her is this one:

“I mean, he was spoiled a bit anyway and this wish just put him over the edge! I know he is never going to forget it.”

Isn’t that great?!!! I love what we do for the kids and quotes like these really put it into perspective how great our programs are for the kids who need them.

Ok…that’s it for now. Not that that’s all we’re doing here at Kids Wish Network, but that’s all I’m going to tell you for now. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned for more updates! 😉

Oh, and don’t forget to stay safe this Memorial Day weekend! Have a good one!

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