Marquis Met “Mary Mary”

Name: Marquis
Age: 8
State: GA

Wish Kid

Marquis was born prematurely and has cerebral palsy, which has affected his education as well as daily activities such as writing and moving around. He is confined to a wheelchair and often requires assistance breathing from a breathing machine. Marquis also suffers from a seizure disorder called epilepsy and another illness called hydrocephalus. Because of the hydrocephalus, an excess of cerebrospinal fluid has built up in Marquis’s skull that has to be drained via a surgically implanted shunt.

Marquis’s wish was to meet his favorite gospel singing group “Mary Mary.” His wish coordinator sent Marquis, his mother and his grandmother to a Women of Faith convention where the group would be performing. There, Erica and Tina Campbell of “Mary Mary” sat down to a hearty lunch with Marquis and treated him like a friend. When they performed onstage, they even showed a picture of Marquis on the big screen! He was thrilled! Marquis went home with amazing memories to last him a lifetime.

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