Kids Wish Network On Tour may be headed to your state!

In 2010, Kids Wish Network launched a revolutionary new program called Kids Wish Network On Tour. The program’s goal is to reach out to at-risk children all around the country who are facing abandonment, abuse, homelessness, neglect, and are also in dire need of something to bring smiles to their little faces.

With the unfortunate impact of major natural disasters as well as the difficult economic climate that our country is facing, people everywhere are struggling. As families continue to fight to keep their heads above the rising tides of joblessness and foreclosures, children are finding less and less to keep their spirits lifted. This is where Kids Wish Network On Tour is honored to help.

Working hand-in-hand with city officials, police officers and firefighters, Kids Wish Network On Tour drives into remote towns to deliver new toys, games, clothes, baby strollers, blankets and other much-needed items to bring joy to these deserving children and their families. By involving the local city and county officials, Kids Wish Network On Tour is helping to foster a positive relationship between the children and the communities where they live. It is Kids Wish Network’s hope that giving these children new toys and gifts along with a wonderful fun-filled day planned just for them will go a long way toward improving their outlook on life.

In 2010, for their first event, Kids Wish Network On Tour swept into Tennessee and brought such amazement and overwhelming joy to the children and their families that their faces were radiant with what seemed to be miles of smiles. Everywhere you looked there were people smiling widely, their arms absolutely laden with toys, games and so many other amazing gifts. It was truly an uplifting experience for families, children and volunteers alike that won’t soon be forgotten.

“As I look back, I realize that we not only helped thousands of children, but we helped a community rekindle its true spirit, a spirit that I believe has always been one of kindness, caring and volunteerism,” said Madisonville, Tenn. Chief of Police Gregg Breeden. “As I watched the day unfold, I saw strangers become friends, educators become educated and churches become united. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kids Wish Network, its staff and sponsors, for the humbling experience.”

Armed with a never-ending supply of incredibly moving memories and the extremely positive outcome of the first Kids Wish Network On Tour event, the staff at Kids Wish Network is excited to announce that more tours are in the making! Before 2011 ends, we’re heading to California and Mississippi, as well as making a comeback tour in Tennessee! We’re also currently working on developing tours for other states for 2012!

Being a part of such an important and humbling cause like Kids Wish Network On Tour reminds our staff of how important our work is. It is such a special opportunity to be able to reach out to so many desperate children, and make a change in their young lives that will positively impact their futures.

To find out how to bring Kids Wish Network On Tour to your area, make sure to visit the On Tour website at If you would like to participate in this incredibly moving, humbling experience, and become an official Kids Wish Network On Tour sponsor, contact us for details.

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