Artistic Therapy 2.0 with Madcap Logic

Imagine that you’re a child. Now imagine that you’re recovering from an accident… maybe you’re trying to learn how to cope after someone you loved hurt you… perhaps your family is going through some hard times and you’re trying to deal with that…

Whatever your situation, you’re hurting, you’re uneasy, you’re scared, you’re confused and you don’t really know how to talk about it or deal with it. What can you do to calm your mind and ease your worries, if only for a short while? You may want to color or design something, just to take your mind off of your troubles, however bad.


Art in any form can be very therapeutic to children by allowing them to express what they are going through without words. Knowing this, Madcap Logic, a great “content and product development studio” started by former animators of The Walt Disney Company, decided to donate some of their fantastic Creativity Express art education CDs to the kids served by Kids Wish Network’s programs! They knew that their fun CDs would be great to help these children express themselves and give them a chance to just enjoy creating for awhile. By using engaging animation and games, this software teaches children the basics of art and design. By taking this interactive form of art to the next level, it will surely help many kids to learn, explore and create while taking their minds off their difficult circumstances.

So, to everyone at Madcap Logic, we at Kids Wish Network would like to thank you for giving our kids a great new way to express themselves! As a first time “Guardian Angel,” we would also like to welcome you into our family of “Guardian Angels!” We can’t wait to share these CDs with our kids!!! We just know that they will LOVE them!


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