The Sounds of Kids Wish

As a writer, I tend to keep quietly typing in my corner here at Kids Wish. When I do that, I get to hear all the great things going on around me. Aside from the typing, shuffling papers and opening/closing drawers, I usually hear laughter, varied forms of ‘congratulations’ and people offering help to other people. With that, I’m sure you can tell it’s a friendly atmosphere.

I just love it when the day is going by nice and normal-like, and then, all of a sudden, there’s a cheer that zooms out of nowhere and lands in our Development Department; then you know that one of the awesome “Development Divas” got a wonderful donation to help grant the wish of a child.

Another interesting sound is Jen’s “woo hoo” yell over in the Wish Department. That means she got a hotel, attraction, dinner or something else for a wish kid and his/her family to enjoy on their upcoming wish trip. It’s heartwarming and fun when she does it, and she usually tells us what it is. Then, Elizabeth will tweet a nice thanks to the sponsor on our Twitter page (@KidsWishNetwork). It’s so cool!

Margo, who heads up the Hero program and sits directly to my left, has a tendency to get excited when her Wal-Mart and Target gift cards come in the mail. She usually lets out a “woo hoo” or an “all right!” when they are brought back by D., our reception queen. Margo just loves making her little heroes smile with their special Hero packets, that can finally be sent out when the cards arrive.

Israel and Jesse, our Graphics Guru/WebMaster team, usually keep the place jamming with some nice tunes, courtesy of Israel’s iPod. 🙂 You never know what you’re going to hear. I was so thrilled one day when from the graphics room came a song from Disney’s “Tangled” movie; it’s one of my all-time favorites!

Down the short hall by the graphics room, Barbara and Ashley are always asking questions back and forth and calling out for information; it’s almost like being in a newspaper office or a busy diner (without the ink and grease)! I love it! The sense of urgency and camaraderie is really endearing. Everyone loves their department.

This place is so neat that even our printer likes to sing it’s so happy! I love Kids Wish. 🙂

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