Holiday of Hope at Shriners Tampa was Awesome!!!

Where to begin? Oh! What a treat it was to see almost 100 orthopedic patients and their siblings having fun at the party last night!

The kids were dancing in their wheelchairs, walkers and casts, making bead bracelets and necklaces, decorating cookies, taking fun pictures in the MOJO photobooth, creating real wooden toolboxes (with help and supervision, of course), and just having a wonderful time! The music was loud, the food was fantastic and the smiles gracing the faces of the little ones were certainly not to be missed.

Everywhere I went, everyone was smiling and laughing. Adults, kids, teens…EVERYONE! Vendors, volunteers and guests alike, we all had a fantastic time. I know I did for sure, and not only because I was a Princess, but because I helped to bring many smiles to the faces of lots of little girls and boys last night.

Man, there were so many fun aspects of last night’s party that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but here are some of my favorites that are still swimming at the top of my memory:

~Watching this one little boy breakdance…he couldn’t have been more than 5-years-old and he REALLY knew how to break it down; he even stood on his head and EVERYTHING! I was in awe and almost came out of character in shock…almost. 😉

~I also loved seeing D., our receptionist and resident Dancing Queen, inviting little ones to come and dance with her on the floor in front of the DJ table; she brought so many little ones out of their shells!!!!!!!

~Oh, and Captain Fear, the mascot of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was constantly letting the kids get a hold of his sword so they could wreak all sorts of fun havoc on him; every time I turned around, he was being attacked by yet another laughing child brandishing his foam sword.

~There was also this one little girl named Skyler who liked Princess Aurora (me) so much that she insisted on dancing with me for a very long time and taking pictures with me in the MOJO photobooth. I was flattered and she was so cute and funny! She had her face painted like a tiger and was happy to act like one in pictures. J

What a night!!! I loved it so much and I’m so glad the kids were able to enjoy it, too. I know the memories will last for a very, very long while. 🙂

Alicia aka Princess Aurora
Editorial Dept.

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