Daymon is in Star Magazine!

As a part of the Editorial Dept. here at Kids Wish, it’s my pleasure to speak to wish kids and their families after their wishes have been granted. During a little interview, I learn all about how the wish went, how their dinners were, what was the best part of the wish, etc. in order to write up a press release to send out to papers and magazines; it’s quite a treat!

Recently, I enjoyed learning all about 13-year-old Daymon’s wish to meet his hero, Miley Cyrus. He got to meet her on the set of her new movie, “So Undercover,” and he had the best time talking to her. He gave her a pink teddy bear as a gift and she just loved it! She even named the bear “Pinky” right then and there! It was such a great wish for Daymon, who really deserved it, that I wanted the story to go everywhere: in magazines, on blogs, in newspapers, EVERYWHERE! …and it DID!

I saw that the story hit big in his Illinois hometown when a local blog picked it up and then, all of a sudden, all sorts of Miley Cyrus blogs and fansites were running the story, too! It was even translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese! Wow! I was so excited that everyone would get the chance to read about Daymon’s awesome wish!

After about a week of the story going everywhere, I thought that would be the end (like usual), but it wasn’t! Today, Daymon’s mom called to say that she saw her little boy in Star magazine! I ran out and grabbed a copy and, sure enough, there the story was! Right next to the Weekly Poll! Woo hoo! Here it is:

miley cyrus wish

Can you believe it? I’m so excited!!! Yay, Daymon! What a wish!

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