Monsters in my head!

We all have insecurities, don’t we? Many of us think we’re different, have felt lonely, think we have a big nose, are too shy or really just don’t know what to do. For some of us, there are days that we feel like we are all alone in being different. That negative little voice that is waiting in the back of your mind to make you feel insecure and alone could easily be called the “monsters” in your head; they’re those awful destructive “voices” that love to make you feel inferior.

So what is the cure to get rid of these monsters? Well, an artist came up with a remedy for children who deal with those monsters. They are called Worry Woos and they are made by an aptly named company: Monsters in My Head, LLC. These Worry Woos are just the cutest things! See?


The story behind them is that Worry Woos are plush dolls that each represent a negative thought. For example, there is Squeek, who is the monster of innocence who is shy and, as a result, is afraid to do things. Next up is Nola, the monster of loneliness, who feels lonely and without any friends. Then there is Rue, the monster of insecurity, who hides because he doesn’t like the way he looks. Or maybe you feel like Fuddle, the monster of confusion, who has a hard time making decisions. Each adorable plush comes with its own storybook that expresses the monster’s feelings about itself. Children read the character’s relatable story, and then can provide encouragement and support to the plush dolls during imaginative play.

The most awesome part about this is that recently, Monsters in My Head were so generous to our kids by donating two pallets of these amazing plush characters. For kids who are fearful from being in painful circumstances or are dealing with looking different due to their disabilities, these little monsters will be a great tool in helping them express and conquer some of those feelings. By helping the plush through their “fears,” the children can begin to learn how to manage their own.

I cannot wait to get these into the hands of kids who need a “friend” who has feelings they can relate to and, in turn, help them overcome some of their own monsters in their heads.

Thank you so much!


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