Tashia’s Adventure aboard the USS Hornet

Tashia is an avid “ghost hunter” who always watches the “Ghost Adventures” show on the Travel Channel. So, when I asked what her wish was, she naturally said that she wanted to meet the guys from “Ghost Adventures” and go on a ghost hunt with them. I immediately got in touch with the Travel Channel and soon Tashia, her family and myself were on our way to San Francisco to go with the guys on a hunt aboard the reportedly haunted USS Hornet.

I was a bit apprehensive about the whole experience, but tried not to get too nervous. When we arrived at the USS Hornet it was a perfect day for a ghost hunt: it was a gloomy, rainy day and the ship was huge, cold and gray. We boarded the ship and Tashia met the guys and they got right too work. They were doing a preliminary investigation that day and gave Tashia a choice of what ghost hunting equipment she would like to be in charge of and then distributed the rest to Tashia’s family and myself. After searching around a bit, we eventually made our way to the mess hall area of the ship. This is where most of the ghostly activity had been reported. We were in pitch darkness and the “Ghost Adventures” crew were daring the spirits to show themselves. At this point I was truly scared and saying little prayers for our safety (LOL). The “Ghost Adventure” guys had this EVP recorder that records ghost and spirit voices and they began asking questions to the spirits in the mess hall. The answers that came through the EVP were disturbing to say the least!

All in all, Tashia had a great time and, at the end, the guys gave her a bunch of equipment to do her own ghost hunting at home. The episode aboard the USS Hornet will be airing tonight (November 5, 2010) on the Travel Channel and we will get to see what the guys discovered after Tashia and I left the ship! Can you handle the lockdown? I know Tashia could!

Click to view a a slideshow of the wish.

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