Kids Wish, Pepsi and Facebook, oh my!


I don’t know for certain if you’ve heard yet, but Kids Wish Network is in the running for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi’s Refresh Project!!! (If you haven’t heard yet…where on Earth have you been?!?! We’ve been practically yelling it from the hilltops and it’s only been a day!!!! Ooh…hilltops. Good idea, actually…now to find a hill or two…)

Our plan is to send 25 kids with life-threatening illnesses to the Florida theme parks; isn’t that neat? Just think about all of the kids you’ve seen on our recent wishes page who just got back from Disney with memories that they’re still thinking about months down the road, especially when they’re dealing with un-fun medical procedures. For example, check out the stories for the 3 little ones in the picture above: Kayla, Orlando and Janessa. These kids are given something much more than just a simple fun trip when their theme park wishes are granted and that’s what we want to do for 25 more children with the Pepsi Refresh Project.

So…I bet you’re wondering how you can help and we have lots of ways for you to do just that:

A) VOTE!!!! There are two ways to vote: 1) Vote ONCE A DAY on the Kids Wish Pepsi Refresh page:

2) Vote AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN by Texting 103927 to Pepsi at 73774

B) TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Tell ‘em, post notes on their doors, text them, dare them (That’s right…triple dog dare them. Then they can’t resist!), ANYTHING! Just get the word out there! There are 25 little ones who really need to experience the joy a trip to the Florida theme parks would afford them.

C) POST THE PICTURE and TAG YOUR FRIENDS!!! You saw that picture at the start of my post? Well, all you have to do is right click and save the picture to your computer. Then, log in to your Facebook page (come on…I KNOW you have one!) and post it in your photos. Tag your friends and let them know all about voting! It’s really that simple.

EASY PEASY! Right? Really…that’s it.

Kids Wish Network has only from November 1st until November 30th to get your votes and try to hit the top of the Pepsi Refresh list. Then, if we’re up at the top, the wish kids win! See? The kids need your help! Follow the instructions and help us send 25 kids to the theme parks they want to visit. 🙂

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