I Loved My Best Buy Shopping Spree!

Name: Mikayla
Age: 9
State: MI

Wish Kid

As a baby, Mikayla was diagnosed with having cystic fibrosis. This is a devastating disease that clogs the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestines with sticky mucus. This condition can lead to serious lung infections and also interferes with food absorption. Every day, Mikayla suffers through nebulizer vest treatments and different breathing treatments for her condition. She also takes digestive enzymes when eating to help with nutrient absorption.

At Best Buy, Mikayla picked up a Wii and a few games for it, an MP3 player and an awesome flat screen TV.

In addition to the shopping spree, Mikayla was also treated to some time to relax from all the shopping at the Signature Design Salon & Day Spa. There, Mikayla was pampered and treated like the princess she knows herself to be.

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