Danny’s Dolphin Dream

Name: Daniel
Age: 18
State: FL

Wish Kid

When Daniel was 11-years-old, he was “sword fighting” with a friend, using umbrellas as swords. During the game, Daniel’s friend accidentally jabbed him in the forehead and he was knocked down to the pavement where he hit his head and lost consciousness. Daniel was flown to the hospital, unconscious but breathing, and doctors found out that the injury was extremely severe; in fact, they were worried that he might not make it through the night. Though he made it through the night, Daniel didn’t have oxygen flow to his brain for about six minutes when it started swelling, which caused brain damage. Daniel needs 24 hour care, is now mostly fed through a feeding tube and he is legally blind. He also walks with assistance, uses an oxygen machine when he needs it and his immune system is compromised. In addition, Daniel has liver and heart damage and may need a pacemaker in the future.

Daniel loved spending many days in the water with dolphins down in Key Largo. Danny’s mother said that he was doing things that he never did at home, like using his left arm and not needing an Oxygen tank; in fact, since he’s returned home, he has yet to need his Oxygen! For Danny, his wish was perfect and he can’t wait to one day get back in the water with his amazing aquatic new friends.

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