Way to Go Wal-Mart Transportation!!

Barbara and I attended “The Great American Trucking Show” in Dallas, TX in late August of this year. So, you may be asking why a children’s charity would be going to a trucking show and that’s a very valid question! This is what I was thinking initially, but Barbara had plans that I simply couldn’t shake and really didn’t want to as I was quite curious, myself. Apparently, we were going to meet some new people who wanted to help us out with our transportation needs and deliver pallets of toys to hospitals and shelters for us. So, off we went to Dallas – my first time – and though I didn’t get to see too many cowboys, I certainly did see a lot of trucks and met a lot of really nice people.

Our first stop at the show was Wal-Mart Transportation, which is where we met Danny and Tammy. What great people! They were so charming and we had such fun talking to them and exchanging stories. They thought Kids Wish Network was a fantastic organization and a great fit for the Wal-Mart Heart Program. They promised to put us in touch with the right person and they came through with Tim, another very nice gentleman from Tennessee. Tim called us and then Jim in FL called us and so on…

Ok, to cut a long blog short, Wal-Mart Transportation picked up 3 pallets from our warehouse this week and delivered them to a hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, a children’s rehab center in Jacksonville and a shelter in Gainesville. Now I want to extend a very big thank you to Wal-Mart Transportation! We are so grateful for this donation of freight services and we are so excited to know how happy the kids will be when they receive all the fun toys, books & games.

However, I cannot finish this blog without mentioning Munch and Rico. They were the drivers who picked up the pallets and delivered them safely to their destinations. It was 9am on a Tuesday morning and I don’t think I have ever laughed so much so early in the morning – what characters! They donate their time to so many worthy causes continuously and they do it with smiles and laughter and big hearts. I hope we get to see them again and again.

The whole experience of meeting the Wal-Mart team has just been so pleasant and easy-going; I sincerely hope we can continue to partner with these great people with the ultimate common goal of helping brave and unfortunate children.


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