Jasmin – Hero of the Month

Name: Jasmin
Age: 17
State: New Orleans, LA
Facility: Tulane Hospital for Children

Hero of the Month Boy

Jasmin came to the rescue of her little sister, Madison, a few weeks ago by donating her bone marrow to save Madison’s life. Madison, a teenager with sickle cell, was adopted at birth by the Tully family. A few months before her 16th birthday, Madison began to show signs of Lupus and was constantly in the hospital. Eventually her Lupus and sickle cell disease seemed to be battling each other and it became impossible for doctors to be able to control both diseases. It was decided that Madison would undergo a bone marrow transplant as a last resort to living a pain free and normal life. Doctors weren’t very optimistic about being able to find a donor Madison, being that she is of mixed heritage. Her only hope was her biological sister, Jasmin, whom she had never met before. Since Madison’s adoption was open, the Tully Family was able to get in touch with Madison’s biological family to inquire about the possibility of a full sibling. As soon as Jasmin heard about her sister and her sister’s awful condition she volunteered to be tested, in hopes that she would be a match. A few weeks later the results were in and Jasmin was a 10/10 match for Madison! Jasmin came into the hospital for a few nights which happened to be her last days of summer vacation. She was so happy and grateful to be able to give Madison this wonderful gift, despite the pain she would suffer herself. Jasmin had to endure many painful procedures in order to get the right about of cells for Madison’s transplant. Throughout her procedures, she kept a positive attitude and never complained. She never asked when she could go home, or when she could eat again. She only asked how her sister was doing. Jasmin was so kind and brave throughout the whole process and we really feel like she deserves to be recognized as our Hero for the wonderful gift she has given Madison.

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