I Had a Blast at Disney!

Name: Jacob
Age: 5
State: TX

Wish Kid

As an infant, Jacob was always getting infections and never really felt good; just two years ago, he was diagnosed with having chronic lung disease, in which damaged lung tissue causes breathing and other health problems. Jacob also suffers from brain damage – called static encephalopathy – and asthma, as well as other health issues. In his short five years, Jacob has suffered through four sinus surgeries and the placement of three different sets of tubes in his ears to help him hear. He has also endured a surgery to help him with gastroesophageal reflux disease, a condition that causes his stomach contents to travel backwards into his esophagus. Because of all of this, little Jacob has to be careful when he plays and he cannot overexert himself. His immune system is compromised and he must also endure treatments from a nebulizer and a compression vest.

Out of everything he experienced on his wish trip to Disney World, Jacob enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride, shopping for souvenirs and his brand new  “Mickey-shaped balloon within a balloon” the most!

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