Nothing Slows These Kids Down

I just wrote two press releases. Each was about a wish granted to a little girl battling cancer.

For their wishes, both of these little girls wanted to visit a theme park and they’re both under the age of 10. They’re totally different little kids: one is into “Hannah Montana” while the other likes the Twilight movies; one of the little girls collects seashells and rocks while the other one collects marbles; one prefers card games like Uno while the other has a fondness for the board game Candyland. What they do have in common though is their illness and the fact that they just want to have fun.

It’s amazing that these two completely different little girls have such a similar positive outlook on life, despite their shared illness. Neither of them see it as an obstacle and, if they do, it’s simply another one that they must overcome without a second thought. In fact, this isn’t something specific to these two little girls either; it’s something I see almost all the time when working on the press releases for these wishes. The outlooks shared by these children is awe-inspiring and I am proud to be able to share them with you all.

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