Deanna Loved Disney World!

Name: Deanna
Age: 13
State: TX

Wish Kid

At only a year old, Deanna was diagnosed with having a degenerative disease called spinal muscular atrophy that critically weakens the body’s muscles over time. In Deanna’s case, she cannot walk or crawl and the muscles that help her breathe are so weak that she must be on a ventilator 24 hours a day. Deanna is fed mostly by feeding tube, relies solely on a wheelchair for mobility and is monitored by a nurse 10-12 hours a day.

For her wish, Deanna had a chance to experience all the “magic” to be had at the Disney parks in Florida, and, boy, did she have a good time! Deanna really enjoyed visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios because that’s where she got to meet Mickey. She also had a grand time meeting all of the other “celebrities” like Buzz and Woody from “Toy Story” and Handy Manny, from one of her favorite shows!

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