Breize Becomes a Fashion Designer

Name: Breize
Age: 15
State: MD

Wish Kid

When she was two-months-old, Breize was diagnosed with having a blood disorder called Sickle Cell Disease. This disease causes restricted blood flow to the body’s organs and those suffering with Sickle Cell Disease experience severe episodes of pain and eventual organ damage; they are also at high risk for stroke and cardiac arrest. Breize suffers from debilitating pain crises as well issues with her spleen. She has suffered through numerous blood transfusions, CAT scans and she also comes down with pneumonia at least two times a year.

For her wish, Breize got to spend two whole days learning about the designing process from drawing all the way down to the finished piece of clothing at the Tween Brands, Inc. headquarters in Ohio! Breize brought her own drawings and the people at Tween Brands loved them! She had the greatest time learning “hands on” and she plans on using every bit of knowledge she gleaned during her wish to follow her special dream of becoming a fashion designer when she grows up.

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