Robert’s New Wheels

Name: Robert
Age: 18
State: NV

Wish Kid

In February of 2010, Robert developed a cold. He noticed a drop in his stamina and was complaining of chest pain. While giving his shoulders a massage one night to see if she could help relieve some of her son’s pain, Robert’s mom discovered several lumps on his neck. After a series of tests, it was discovered that he has a type of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is a cancer of the blood which has caused Robert to undergo three rounds of chemotherapy and he is scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant. Although the transplant has been scheduled and Robert is waiting for the day of the procedure to arrive, his cancer has progressed and there is a chance he may not be able to have to surgery done. He must be constantly monitored and have various tests done to see if his cancer has gone into remission so the transplant can be done.

For his one wish, Robert decided he wanted to have a car makeover and he just loves the way his car looks now! Lime green with all sorts of amazing details, Robert’s wish is a real dream-come-true!

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