My Laptop Wish Came True!

Name: Geraldine
Age: 17
State: MD

Wish Kid

Geraldine is a 17-year-old who loves to sing. She likes listening to music by Keyshia Cole and watching comedies. Her favorite color is red and she likes to play games on her phone and computer. Geraldine has a large teddy bear collection and she likes to watch basketball and soccer on TV.

Geraldine was born with a life-threatening illness called Sickle Cell disease. This is a devastating blood disease that causes episodes of intense pain and can lead to infection, blood clots, seizures, strokes and eventual organ failure. Geraldine was in the hospital where she received a blood transfusion and just recently returned home.

For her wish, Geraldine decided she wanted to have her very own laptop and she just loves it! She is on it every day and has the best of times. For Geraldine, this is a wish-come-true!

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