I Loved Disney World!

Name: Sarah
Age: 6
State: GA

Wish Kid

Last November, little Sarah started having severe leg pains, was limping and bruises were showing up on her legs. By January, she was experiencing fevers that ran for weeks. In March, her doctors were able to diagnose her with having Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone and soft tissue cancer. Sarah had to endure a surgery to implant a port for her to receive chemotherapy treatments, which she will continue having until the end of the year. These treatments have sapped Sarah’s energy and have even made her lose her appetite as well as most of her hair. Sarah will soon have to endure another surgery, this time to remove part of her upper thigh in an effort to try and get rid of the cancer.

For her wish, Sarah got to enjoy all sorts of fun at Walt Disney World in Florida! She really enjoyed meeting her favorite characters and watching the parades.

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