Economic Difficulties Affecting Children’s Hospitals Nationwide

Through a flurry of communication with my Facility Coordinators, I’ve seen a heart-wrenching trend emerge over the past few months. As part of Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month team, I have the privilege of working with these men and women who have dedicated their lives working with children in hospitals, abuse shelters, homeless coalitions, rehabilitation/therapy centers or advocacy centers nationwide.

Many – too many – are experiencing significant budget cuts, resulting in… you guessed it – staff layoffs and less patients served. (And in extreme cases, entire hospitals are closing their doors.) Children and families – who so desperately need care and assistance from these facilities – are getting turned away in droves.

Granted, I don’t know the specifics (What is being done? When will the bleeding stop?) and I’m certainly not pointing fingers, but it is disturbing news nonetheless. Like so many others, I can only hope that improvements are made within our country’s healthcare system STAT!

To all of the doctors, nurses, Child Life teams, therapists, teachers, advocates and others that we work with – we couldn’t do our jobs without you and thank you for letting us be a part of your programs and lives.

HOTM Coordinator

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