The Rides Were the Best!

Name: Joey
Age: 10
State: WI

Wish Kid

Before he was born, it was discovered that Joey suffered from a condition called Hydrocephalus. Also known as “water on the brain,” Hydrocephalus occurs when there is an excessive buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull that causes increased pressure over time. In order to drain the fluid, Joey’s doctors implanted a shunt in his head during a surgery on the day he was born. At 6-months-old, Joey developed an infection in this shunt and he had to be rushed into another surgery, after which he suffered cardiac arrest.

When he was a little over a year old, Joey’s condition worsened when his Hydrocephalus caused him to lose most of his vision in his right eye and he suffered through an eye surgery to try and remedy the situation. Since then, Joey’s also had to undergo a revision surgery for the shunt in his head. In addition, Joey suffers from migraines related to his Hydrocephalus as well as Asperger’s syndrome, which is a developmental disorder.

For his wish, Joey wanted to visit Disney World, and that’s just what he did! Once in the theme parks, Joey loved every second and experienced all he could. In fact, Joey loved the rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom so much that he decided he wanted to go back a second day and even made a list of his favorite rides to enjoy again! Included in this “favorites” list were “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” “Peter Pan’s Flight,” the famous “Astro Orbiter” in Tomorrowland and a few others.

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