Markus Meets Superheroes!

Name: Markus
Age: 4
State: PA

Wish Kid

Markus was born with a large pigmented birthmark on his left leg, around his knee. This specific kind of birthmark is called a Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus and is a serious risk factor for developing skin cancer. Also, the cells that make up the birthmark can travel under the body’s tissues and lodge in the central nervous system and possibly collect on the spinal cord or in the brain. If the cells do this, Markus’s condition could worsen to include seizures, water on the brain or developmental delays. When he was only 6-monthhs-old, Markus’s doctors decided to remove the birthmark in stages because of its size. In order to remove the birthmark, Markus must have skin expanders injected into his system. So far, little Markus has endured 5 operations for his condition and is just about to undergo another.

The first place Markus wanted to go was to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where his favorite Power Rangers “lived.” There, he took pictures with every ranger and the biggest part of his wish was fulfilled. He also visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. At Universal, Markus was able to meet all of his other favorite superheroes like Spiderman and Captain America. He was excited to get their autographs and pose for pictures with them. At the Magic Kingdom, Markus really enjoyed the rides Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. For Markus and his whole family, the trip was a real wish-come-true.

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