Mark’s Shopping Spree is a Success!

Name: Mark
Age: 18
State: MA

Wish Kid

When he was only a year old, it was found that Mark had a cancerous Wilm’s tumor in his body. The tumor was removed through surgery along with one of his kidneys when he was just a child.

For years, Mark thought he was cancer-free and then, in 2009, he was found to have a rare form of cancer that spreads along the nerve cells in the arms and legs called Peripheral Nerve Sheath Sarcoma. The tumor was on the nerve cells in Mark’s left arm, up around his shoulder and some of it was removed through a surgery on his left shoulder blade and muscle. During this surgery, surgeons had to take his shoulder muscle apart and then reattach it once the tumor was removed. Afterwards, Mark needed a skin graft to replace the removed skin on his back. Mark also underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy as well as five weeks of radiation therapy. Unfortunately, these treatments wreaked havoc on his already weak system and caused decreased lung functionality, heart irregularities and damage to his remaining kidney.

Mark’s wish was to have a shopping spree at Jordan’s Furniture and, while he was there, Mark decided on a fantastic living room set that included a “beautiful” black leather loveseat and couch along with two end tables, a coffee table and a TV stand. After selecting his new furniture, the Jordan’s Furniture team even gave Mark and his family tickets to enjoy the amazing Motion Odyssey Movie Ride in 4-D as well as the store’s laser light and music show!

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