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At Kids Wish Network, we provide funeral assistance to children who have had a wish granted through one of our programs. The death of a child is an extremely difficult and often unbearable situation to face and we never want our families to have to go through it alone.

Last week I received a call from a woman who was looking for funeral assistance for her best friend’s daughter. The young lady had not yet passed, but the family was trying to prepare for what they knew was soon to come.

After asking a few questions, I discovered that the 15-year-old girl was battling T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia and had never had a wish granted. So I got to work.

Because the young lady had not had a wish, we were able to get out an application and have the family get it back to us in time. Just like any other wish, we confirmed what it was and sent out a gift box. And because that gift box was sent, the young lady was able to qualify for funeral assistance. She unfortunately passed away the night the box was sent out.

I would like to thank everyone that helped make this happen. The social worker, the best friend and everyone at Kids Wish Network that helped me get the box out in time. Because of your hard work, we were able to ease the burden for a family who is facing the most difficult time of their lives.

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