The Karma at Kids Wish

Karma, ˈkär-mə also ˈkər-, n. The force generated by a person’s actions to determine the nature of the person’s destiny.

They say that karma follows you everywhere and, boy, is it true here! Not only am I talking about the karmic balance of the universe, I’m also talking about Karma, our new office mascot:


Karma has gracefully accepted the position left to her by our previous office mascot, Rocky. She’s taken her new place with her characteristic friendly style and she definitely brings an element of playfulness with her. Where Rocky was stoic and mischievous, Karma is boisterous and playful. Though she’s definitely got some big paw prints to fill, she’s working hard to boost morale with her new position and she’s doing a “doggone” good job of it, too!

Good Karma

As for her name, Mark was the one who suggested it. When we first realized that the young German Shepherd puppy for whom we were trying to find a home was just too precious to part with, Mark suggested that we name her Karma because of all the good karma I’d built up through our own personal works and through the charity. The puppy liked the name and it stuck. 🙂 And now my Karma follows me everywhere! Isn’t that great?

Shelley Breiner
Executive Director

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