OK, so I was wrong…this time

Most people have a difficult time admitting when they are wrong, and honestly, I can be that way at times. The feeling of being right is just so much more fun than knowing that you were wrong about something. Even when forced to admit you were wrong about something most people would tend to want to keep it under wraps. Well I am breaking that stigma. I am making a public declaration on the Kids Wish Network blog website that I, Margo Carter, was wrong!!!! Whew! There, it’s off my chest. I feel better now, don’t you?

Last week when I spoke about our infamous multi-purpose baby mats I was adamant that people were not going to want them. I even went as far as saying that not only did they not want them but we were going to hear about it in the form of surveys, phone calls and emails. As the first pallet of items was picked up, I said a prayer and kept my fingers crossed. I received a survey from the facility the next day and lo and behold THEY LOVED EVERYTHING!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! They were able to pass all the items out to the people they work with and were so happy with the items.

So yes, I was wrong. It wasn’t the first time and I can assure it won’t be the last. While all of my transgressions will not be aired out in a public forum, I felt there was a need to set this one straight. So there. =)

HOTM Facility Coordinator


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