I loved Disney World!

Name: Jocelyn
Age: 11
State: CA

Wish Kid

About 6 months ago, Jocelyn felt some stiffness in her neck that became progressively worse. A trip to the doctor confirmed that Jocelyn was suffering from Subdural Empyema and Venous Sinus Thrombosis. On top of that, it was discovered she had Meningitis. Her brain began to swell, she developed a high fever, and she began to have seizures. Jocelyn lost the feeling in her left hand and leg and underwent surgery to help bring the feeling back into the appendages. Because of her condition, Jocelyn can not participate in most activities that children her age do, and she has to wear a helmet to protect her head in case she has another seizure.

Jocelyn decided that for her one wish, she would like to visit Disney World in Florida. Once there, Jocelyn absolutely loved the castle, fireworks and parade.  She got to meet Pluto and Pooh and Tigger and took pictures with them, which was just what she wanted.

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