Grant – Hero of the Month

Name: Grant
Age: 14
State: Baton Rogue, LA
Facility: Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Grant was admitted to our hospital after suffering a traumatic leg injury after an ATV accident. Grant’s leg was injured so badly he was taken to surgery on two separate occasions. His first surgery was and irrigation and debridement; basically his wound needed to cleaned extensively to hopefully resist infection. After his first surgery Grant did slightly better with pain control but eventually his pain became uncontrollable. After the doctors reevaluated Grants injury, they decided he needed to be taken to surgery once again to repair the extensive nerve damage. It was the nerve damage that was beginning to cause such uncontrollable pain. While Grant was here he really was a very compliant patient with taking his medicine and doing his physical therapy. He only got upset when he was in pain. Most of the time, Grant engaged in conversation with the staff and smiled. For these reason, we nominate Grant for our Hero of the Month.
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