Elsi – Hero of the Month

Name: Elsi
Age: 10
State: Los Angeles, CA
Facility: California Hospital Medical Center

Hero of the Month Girl

Elsi and her parents were involved in a motor vehicle accident on one of our Los Angeles freeways. They were all admitted under trauma services to our hospital and all were separated on different units. Elsi was admitted to our pediatric unit with lacerations and severe bruising, especially from the seat belt. When Elsi’s nurse noticed the bruises during her assessment, Elsi politely informed her that it would take a long time for them to go away. Elsi has Von Willebrand’s disease which is a bleeding disorder that affects the blood’s ability to clot; even minor bumps can cause large bruises, so you can only imagine what a serious car accident could cause. While Elsi was hospitalized, she demonstrated a lot of maturity, even though her parents were not able to be with her. Elsi is such a sweet girl who is so courteous and thoughtful of others. Elsi was given a teddy bear for comfort while she was hospitalized; when she went to visit her dad in his hospital room, she gave him her teddy bear since he needed to remain in the hospital for surgery. Elsi was so concerned about her parents, but remained calm and was very compliant throughout her hospitalization. After being discharged from the hospital, Elsi needed to follow-up with her hematologist for treatment which included an infusion through the IV, so, after her IV was removed here at our hospital, another poke needed to be done to start a new IV at the clinic. Elsi is a critical thinker who asked if we could just leave the IV in, but that was not possible. Elsi not only experienced a traumatic event due to the serious car accident her family was in, but it became more complicated due to the Von Willebrand’s disease – for all that she had to go through during & after her hospitalization and how great she coped with it all, she is truly deserving to be called our Hero of the Month.
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