Devon – Hero of the Month

Name: Devon
Age: 12

Hero of the Month Boy

Devon has faced many challenges in his 12 years on this earth. He was recently adopted after being in foster care for several years. He has blossomed under the love and care of a good family, helping to heal his broken spirit. Unfortunately all the love in the world cannot change his medical condition of Osteogenisis Imperfecta Type 6. So rare is Devon’s type of OI that was he was the first to be diagnosed with it. While most kids with OI suffer from brittle bones, which in turn cause them to break, Devon’s physicians have stated that his bones are more like the consistency of oatmeal. Devon takes this in stride, making the necessary adjustments and learning to enjoy the things he can do instead of focusing on the things he cannot. He is a sweetheart of a kid and very much a Hero!
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