Waiting Anxiously…

I recently wrote a press release about a little girl named Sadie that Kids Wish Network granted a wish for. She is such a sweet and cute little lady. Sadie has a life-threatening illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects the connective tissues in the body. Her wish to meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse was awesome and her mother said Sadie had an awesome time.

It is a routine thing here at Kids Wish Network to write a press release about a recent wish. Along with my fellow writer, I interview the wish families, write a press release, and send it to local media outlets in the child’s hometown. And then I wait…

Most of the time, the stories about the Kids Wish Network wish kids go up on a website for a local media outlet. We find the story and make a PDF file to save for our records.

With technology being the way it is, gone are the days of traditional methods for news. Most people no longer read a newspaper or turn on the evening news to catch up on current events. Now more than ever people are logging on to the World Wide Web and visiting their favorite news sites. It’s instant. It’s current. It’s interactive. And space is unlimited. So for me, getting a hard copy of a news article is a rarity.

But I’m getting one! Sadie’s story ran in the local newspaper and the fabulous editor of The Comanche County Chronicle is sending me a copy! I can’t wait to see it, scan it, and hang it on my wall!

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