Vivian – Hero of the Month

Name: Vivian

Hero of the Month Girl

Vivian is a 10 year old girl who has been in and out of the hospital several times. She was originally diagnosed with optic neuritis and admitted to the hospital because of onset blindness. Since her first admission, she has started several different experimental treatments to attempt to cure her symptoms. She has also had to begin taking a hand full of oral medications on a daily basis.

Vivian has developed a huge fear of needles because of her extended stays and constant need for blood work to be taken and medication to be given. I have worked directly with her to help her overcome this fear. She and I have worked on distraction techniques, guided imagery and breathing to help make needle sticks go more smoothly. She has made some great improvements on following directions, maintaining composure and being still during procedures.

Vivian is a soft spoken, sweet and well mannered girl who wants nothing more than to know why she is sick and to get better. She and her parents and her sister look forward to going home and staying there together as a family. Vivian deserves to be recognized for her positive attitude and great spirit despite what she has been put through at the hospital. That is why she is our Hero of the Month.

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