Swift Wings

Death (I know, depressing already right?) is one of those things that are there but you never realize it until it smacks you in the face. Working here, I’ve witnessed other employees during the loss of Wish Kids. Tears, questions and heartache run rampant. I watch from a distance and, as selfish as it sounds, think to myself “Bless their heart, but I’m glad I’m a bystander on this”. I relax some knowing the children I work with have been through more than some people could ever imagine but they all have one thing in common: they don’t suffer from a life-threatening illness.

Today I realize that even this doesn’t protect me from reality. Today I lost my very first Hero Kid.

My initial thought was “OK, this is a mistake. My kids (as I’ve come to know them) don’t pass away.” Once it finally set in, the tears started to flow. Here you have a fairly healthy child who was delivered some unfortunate circumstances in life. Things get a little exciting when they realized they had been nominated for our Hero of the Month award. Little did they know that shortly after submitting the nomination, God would call another of his Angels home. I can’t begin to imagine the grief and heartache this child’s family is facing after this unexpected turn of events. I’ve only known this child through the story her hospital shared with me but nonetheless, she was still one of my kids; one that I won’t be able to see smile when presented with a Hero award.

To all the little Heroes and Wish Kids who have graced Kids Wish Network with your presence, thank you. It’s a joy to see your smiles and feel your passion.

To those special ones who have moved on to a better place, keep looking down on us and smiling. You are the reasons we continue to do what we do.

HOTM Facility Coordinator


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