Sasha – Hero of the Month

Name: Sasha

Hero of the Month Girl

Sasha has been to the hospital for several admissions related to her Severe Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease. Recently she was able to leave and continue her journey at home. During her first admission Sasha underwent a series of procedures including the placement of an NG-tube under fluoroscopy in which formula was placed to go into the stomach in order to prevent her from vomiting. With the NG-tube in place, she was no longer allowed to ingest any nutrition orally. She was soon discharged with the NG-tube and less than thirty days later Sasha was re-admitted for dehydration.

During her second admission, Sasha’s veins were so weak that her IV’s continued to fail causing her to receive a PICC line to assist in keeping her hydrated. It was then decided that her NG-tube would be replaced with a GJ-tube to assist with her food intake. However, less than twenty four hours later Sasha would experience pain and severe bloating of her abdomen. During the next few weeks Sasha would be on bed rest and ice chips until the swelling of abdomen subsided. Little by little, she was allowed to walk a lap around the unit once a day and foods were gradually reintroduced into her diet until her body was able to tolerate it and she was able to go home.

During each admission, Sasha always had a positive attitude and was always able to recover psychosocially rather quickly, attending evening playroom when medically cleared and participating in the many recreational and therapeutic activities in her room. She radiated this positive energy towards each person she encountered including her family, friends, other patients, and all staff members. This demonstration of bravery, strength, optimism, and resiliency is an indication of the personality and character of Sasha. For this confidence and upbeat spirit, I nominate her to be our Hero of the Month!

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