Kelly – Hero of the Month

Name: Kelly

Hero of the Month Girl

Kelly is a four year old girl who was admitted for respiratory failure and, after a number of long, frustrating days of being on continuous medication, her status wasn’t improving. The decision was made to take her to the OR to insert chest tubes to remove pus and mucus that had accumulated in her lungs. After a few days she went to interventional radiology and had a central line put in place to deliver heavy duty intravenous antibiotics with the hope of finally killing the voracious infection that was growing in her lungs.

With all the treatments, Kelly began to withdraw and her verbal communication dwindled. She was very overwhelmed with all that was happening to her. Further complicating her treatment, Kelly’s first language is Spanish though her English is improving. It took her some time to come around but she soon began speaking with the hospital staff and the time she spent crying lessened. Though her illness will require her to remain in the hospital a while longer, each day she is improving both medically and developmentally. I look forward to seeing her walk out of the hospital with a smile on her face!

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