Corinne – Hero of the Month

Name: Corinne
State: Columbus, OH
Facility: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

Corinne was recently admitted for a small bowel obstruction. This is not the first time she has been hospitalized or experienced challenges during her stay. Here is her story:

Corinne was experiencing tendonitis of her knee. After visiting her orthopedists, she had several diagnostic tests for hip alignment. The results of the tests showed calcification of her right hip. Corinne was referred to her pediatrician who identified a teratoma to the right side of her ovaries. It was unknown whether or not the teratoma’s were benign. After consulting with her pediatrician, it was suggested that Corinne have surgery as soon as possible. Prior to surgery an ultrasound indicated that Corinne had bilateral teratomas, which affects only 10-15% of those with her condition. Soon after surgery, Corinne became increasingly sick with symptoms of increased heart rate, abdominal distension and fever. She later received a blood transfusion after it was discovered that was she was bleeding into her abdomen. With no time to spare, she was quickly scheduled for surgery. Due to her rare condition, Corinne’s surgeons were unable to save an ovary and fallopian tube. Despite these various complications and setbacks, Corinne has shown incredible strength. Corinne loves to sing and sang a gospel song for one of the nurses. This was a big moment for Corinne and her family as she had recently had her nasogastric tube removed. Corinne’s calm demeanor exudes her resilience and ability to cope with the obstacles that are presented to her. There is no question that she is a Hero!

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