Cal – Hero of the Month

Name: Cal
Age: 12
State: Marshfield, WI
Facility: Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Cal was riding an ATV when he was struck by a vehicle. He was thrown from the ATV on impact but suffered no loss of consciousness. Cal was brought into a hospital an placed in a C-collar and underwent several x-rays that confirmed a fracture to his left distal tibia. He was then transferred to Saint Joseph’s and upon arrival he underwent surgery for placement of an external fixator. Post surgery he developed compartment syndrome and was taken to the OR for open fasciotomies and a wound VAC, which was removed a week later.

Due to the nature of his injuries and multiple surgeries, Cal was placed on bed rest for the majority of his hospitalization. This was difficult for him as he is a very active boy and used to being up and running around. He had to overcome these frustrations while in the hospital but toward the end of his stay he was able to build some memorable relationships with the staff to help cope with these feelings.

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